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Select a reputed furniture manufacturer:

Furniture of a reputed manufacturer will go through a strict production process in the production, and all raw materials must be subject to the test and inspection by the Bureau of Quality Supervision before moving into the production. Only after tested and found up to standards can the raw materials move into the production. Such a process ensures the production of environmentally friendly and reliable products.

Pay Attention to Raw Materials Used by Manufacturers:

Please check whether the furniture of a manufacturer conforms to the national or industrial standards, especially in terms of the content of harmful elements; Ask for presentation of the verification of the manufacturing standard code issued by the national administration and supervision authorities to qualified furniture manufacturers.

Judge Conformity of Products to Production Standards

Please examine the production license of the raw materials manufacturers, and to check the conformity of the products to the standards;

Identify the Authenticity of the Environmental Protection Certificate of Furniture Manufacturers

Since people have difficulty in distinguishing genuine environmental protection certificates from artificial ones which flood the market, it is advised to go to the official website of qualified certifiers for verification, thus avoiding deception. When any pollution caused by furniture is discovered in indoor areas, please ask a professional company to handle the problem, so as to avoid any serious harm to the human body.