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Over the past 20 years, our company builds up Feima brand, by using the world's leading equipment imported from developed countries in the production to ensure the quality, offering an all-round service before, during and after sales, and conducting strict quality control. As a result, our company was awarded the Liaoning Famous Brand and Dalian Famous Brand, both of which are influential. These features combined with excellent workmanship and strict product and raw materials inspections contribute to the creation of a brand image that signifies trustworthiness.

We guarantee that all our Feima furniture products are in strict accordance with national standards in environment protection, quality and performance, and covered under the warranty service which offers maintenance without charge within five years from the date of purchase, life-long maintenance with charge, furniture care expertise without charge, and advice on harmful elements in furniture.

Scope of Services:

1.Pre-Sales Service: Offer expert advice without charge; conduct an on-site survey to avoid mistakes in layout; give evaluation of the content of eco-friendly elements in furniture panels; contribute to creating a safe and comfortable office; work with decoration or wiring companies in determining reasonable wiring positions; offer reasonable furniture solutions.

2.During-Sale Services: Undertake the production tasks precisely as required by the arrangements and articles stipulated in the contract, for example, in terms of quality, quantity and delivery time; invite customers to pay a visit to the plant along the production process, during the production; subject the finished products to a strict quality inspection process and give approval for delivery only when they are found up to standards; arrange delivery of goods, and ensure that no damage is caused during the transport; install the products at the appointed area; the installed products are subject to an acceptance check by both of the parties; if any defect is founded, the company will offer immediate maintenance or replacement to ensure the normal use;

3.After-Sales Service: Include routine maintenance, seeking for feedback, disassembling, re-assembling and archives creating.

Responsibilities, Measures and Fast Response Time:

We appreciate your selection of Feima furniture. On request, we will offer free-of-charge training courses on furniture care and maintenance, performance, and prevention and control of harmful elements after the furniture products are installed.

Meanwhile, we offer warranty services for our high-quality, eco-friendly products, with the terms set forth as follows:

1.One-year warranty: Within one year from the date of contract conclusion, the company offers maintenance or replacement of components with defects without charge (Note: Any damage as a result of improper use or force majeure factors is not covered under the warranty.

2.Lifelong Maintenance Service: For any product which is out of the warranty period but run into malfunctions, the company provides on-site maintenance. Any cost caused therein as by replacement of components, shall fall on the part of customers.

3.Toll Free and On-site Inspection Service: Seek for the first feedback by making a phone call within one week from the installation and acceptance inspection, and accordingly offer free on-site inspection on request; seek for the second feedback through phone calls at the end of the third month; seek for the third feedback after two years to ensure the normal use and to solve the possible problems.

4.Any damaged caused by any of the following reasons is not covered under the warranty:

4.1.Any damage caused by improper use or force majeure factors is not covered under the warranty; however, for the damaged products, the company will provide replacement with charge, which only covers the labor and component purchase cost;

4.2.Any damaged caused by improper handling, and dismantlement and installation by other than professional workers is not covered under the warranty;

4.3.The glass or fragile accessories included in the furniture (from the date of acceptance inspection) is not covered under the warranty;

4.4.Samples or special offers are not covered under the warranty;

4.5.Any damage caused by imperfect customer-provided processing for customized products is not covered under the warranty; in cases that any damage caused by imperfect customer-provided processing takes place during the use, the company will send a technician to the scene for examining the problem, and accordingly replace problematic components with charge, which only covers the labor and component purchase cost.

Any damage for the components set forth as follows is covered under the warranty:

1.Wooden Furniture: Blistering or scaling of veneers; the breakage or cracking of the table top; the scaling of edge banding; instability of table-included products(excluding those involving metal legs that may slightly move); looseness of hardware.

2.Metal furniture and accessories: Deformation; scaling of coatings.

3.Upholstered Furniture: Deformation, collapse or seam cracking of coated surfaces; malfunctions of lifting devices; instability of frames; blistering, scaling or cracking of veneers at veneered components.

Any collateral loss caused by other than furniture reasons, for example, furniture defects, is not covered by the company.


On request, refurbishing for screens and seats is available.

Service Hotline:

The company has set up a specialized service department provided service hotlines, and employed full maintenance staff, to make response to customers’ request for maintenance within two hours, and conduct maintenance within six hours from receiving the call. In exceptional cases, the company will communicate with you for the maintenance.

After-Sales Service Hotline: 0411-84799088

Toll Free: 8008909868

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