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Creating Chinese First "Aldehyde-free Low Carbon" Brand

Green, Aldehyde-free, Low-carbon. Pegasus achieve new hight in the field of Chinese furniture

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In recent years, with the public's basic life safeguard, more and more people begin to pay attention to furniture The influence of the quality of the product, especially for health, so consumers become more and more emphasis on furniture choice of green environmental protection performance.As a leading brand of green environmental protection furniture Dalian Pegasus office furniture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Pegasus furniture”)  with the "green, environmental protection, health" business philosophy, in the design and production of products constantly upgrading, integrates in the environmental protection move forward on the road of innovation, to promote the green industry, made efforts to promote consumer happiness index.The company won the famous product of jiangsu provincial, municipal, annual tax credit grade AAA enterprise, enterprise credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise "and other honors, inside and outside the industry's consistent high praise.

Stick to the environmental protection standards create a "no aldehyde low-carbon" green furniture

Is based on the ecological environmental protection furniture industry, on the basis of reasonable development and utilization of natural materials, can satisfy the users' specific needs and be beneficial to health of users, and has a very high content of culture and science and technology of furniturePegasus furniture was founded in 1990, is a sino-us joint venture, the cultivated more than 20 years in the field of office furniture manufacturing, Pegasus furniture attaches great importance to the innovation, the introduction of international advanced no aldehyde environmental protection material technology, set up process in the production process of environmental protection detection, team testing, factory inspection and company of the four levels of tests, to create the first brand of "no aldehyde low-carbon" green furniture, total office and living environment of indoor security to resolve the crisis, will reduce to zero, the harm of human body reduced to zero harm to society, to the destruction of the natural decrease to zero.

Responsible for the environmental protection, is responsible to the consumers.On the selection of furniture materials,Pegasus furniture with zero formaldehyde release materials by American CARB aldehyde exemption certificate.This certification is plank industry in our country the first certified, also entered the U.S. market formaldehyde exempted from inspection pass.By the Japan national standards of the most important, most authoritative, Japanese industrial standard (JIS) examination, plate formaldehyde release a quantity to DN (not detected) far more than the Japanese F four-star standards.

To solve the exclusive customized office furniture for upgrading consumption demand

As people change to the requirement of working environment, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to enterprise culture and the humanities concern.Corporate culture is not only reflected on the staff for the enterprise concept of identity, the choice of office products and personalized is a microcosm of the enterprise unique culture, thus has higher requirement for the office of the scene, the custom office products demand more rich.Pegasus furniture to seize the opportunity of custom office furniture, launched a series of suitable for office hardcover, venues supporting infrastructure, hotels and various scenarios of customized services, to provide customers withcomfortableSense and experience and office furniture.

Pegasus furniture production reception desk, for example, the reception desk is first receive consumer place, an enterprise consumer impression for enterprise to a large extent depends on the design of the reception desk, and the use effect of the reception desk is restricted by the space layout format, the overall environment collocation, whether the height of consultation to customers, whether to adapt themselves to the enterprise culture and can give a person leave deep impression on the vision is the furnitureThe designerAspects to consider.Therefore pegasus furniture designer will choose the use of space, field observation office furniture on the basis of fully meet customer requirements into their design concept, the wisdom of the space planning and fashion avant-garde design, the combination of to help customers improve the image of the enterprise.

Quality reputation vast landscape layout

Pegasus furniture always adhere to the quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development, the company has large production base, the total area of 8 square meters, containing the new factory, the original factory area, office area and living area, a total investment of 110 million yuan.Agriculture in the process of the furniture industry, the company in the industry first passed the attestation of Chinese environment mark product certification (ten ring) GB/T24024:2001 idt ISO 14024:1999, successively passed Germany (TUV) and Britain (SGS) of ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.And pegasus furniture has experienced high-quality management team, the core technology team and business team, the company's professional staff to design different enterprises have their own enterprise culture elements of high-grade office space.From raw materials acquisition, processing to the processing of materials and manufacturing processes, pegasus furniture of production of each link strict control, only through multiple detection products can eventually flow into the market, to ensure the quality of the high-end design and production of furniture.

Constantly improve the internal management and quality control system for the product to provide better quality assurance at the same time, the flying horse furniture that meets the customer's requirements more enterprises provided motive force of sustainable development.Nearly 30 years in the company on the road for the development of pegasus furniture with excellent strength and rich experience, high-quality team, perfect service and strong support system as well as high quality partners, growing for the furniture industry leader.The company is committed to help clients in business activities, social activities, etc more flexible office, office and comfortable office effectively.Through continuous efforts, pegasus furniture with superb product quality and excellent service, won the government organs, schools, hotels, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and foreign, products are exported to the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, dubai, central and South America and other countries.

High quality, strict standards, green environmental protection product is the ideal of pegasus furniture practice and to fulfill the social responsibility.Future market demand of the rapidly changing, the same is the furniture will continue to uphold "honesty, constancy of stay" belief, and provide people with more secure, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable high quality space and make unremitting efforts.

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