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Furniture maintenance

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Maintenance of Solid Wood and Painted Furniture

In the course of normal maintenance, sharp scratching should be avoided, and feather duster can be used to remove dust, and clean soft cloth to wipe. To prevent paint oxidation, keep furniture from direct sunlight. To prevent damage to furniture structure, refrain from overload. When you need to move, try not to drag the furniture. You’d better look for professional installation personnel for the guidance of dismounting to keep from structure or finish damages and guard against moisture and cracking. If you want furniture lasting for years, please refer to regular care and maintenance tips.

Maintenance of Leather Furniture

To maintain softness and color, keep leather furniture from direct sunlight. Moisten a soft cloth with a small amount of water below 30 degrees for cleaning. Note: To shun bleaching, do not use pledge or general cleaning agent to cleanse the leather surface.

Maintenance of Upholstered Furniture

Furniture fabrics of brand manufacturers are usually treated. During routine care and maintenance, just wiping with a soft cloth can easily remove stains.

Maintenance of Panel Furniture

It’s better not to drag panel furniture for structure protection after installation. Use sponge and special cleaning agent for cleaning.